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Gitanjali Public School celebrates


"Agamoni," in the context of Bengal and Indian culture, traditionally refers to the welcoming of Goddess Durga, an embodiment of divine feminine power in Indian mythology. This is a significant event in the annual Durga Puja festival, primarily celebrated in West Bengal, including the Birbhum district, as well as in other parts of India and by the Bengali community worldwide.

Senior Section 

The first day was dedicated to senior students, featuring diverse cultural performances. They showcased classical and contemporary dances, dramatic enactments, and sang traditional Bengali songs. Teachers also participated with a skit, enhancing the day's festivities.

Junior Sction

The second day focused on junior students, who captivated the audience with poem recitations, storytelling, folk dances, and singing. Their performances were marked by enthusiasm and charm, embodying the festive spirit.

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