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At Gitanjali Public School, the safety and convenience of our students and their families
are our top priorities. We provide a reliable and efficient transport facility with safety features such
as speed governors and first aid kits. Our extensive network of bus routes ensures a hassle-free
commute, and punctuality is paramount with buses adhering to schedules. Our well-trained staff
creates a friendly and caring environment during the commute, while real-time updates on bus
locations offer parents peace of mind. We take environmental responsibility seriously, following
emission standards and maintenance practices. Our competitive transportation fees make our
services accessible to all families. At Gitanjali Public School, we go the extra mile to support
students on their educational journey, ensuring their safety from the moment they step onto the
buses until they arrive safely back home. The school transport system allows students to travel to
and from school, but it is not responsible for providing bus facilities to all areas. Students must fill
out a Transport Declaration Form, which can be collected from the school's Transport In-Charge.
The total transport fee is determined by the distance traveled, and no queries are entertained for
changing existing routes or stops. Part usage during a month is counted as a full month. The
transport fee is charged for 12 months annually, payable quarterly. To discontinue the transport
facility, a written application must be given one month in advance, and dues must be paid for the
withdrawal month. Any temporary or permanent changes to the student's transport pick-up/drop
point or route must be sought through the school's Transport Department. The school reserves
the right to deny or change the bus's use at any time.

School buses are exclusively for students and teachers with authority consent, and parents are not
allowed to board the bus for personal reasons. Parents should not overtake or stop the bus to
facilitate boarding, as this endangers the safety of the bus and its occupants. If a problem arises, a
written complaint can be made to the Transport In-Charge, and parents who wish to take their ward
privately should inform the In-charge beforehand. Boys and girls will sit separately in the bus, and
food will not take a stop. Students must have a Student Identity Card and be on the right side of the
bus stop at least five minutes before arrival. Buses will not wait for late comers, and students must
return by the allotted bus. The front door is the only authorized entrance and exit, and students must
be seated immediately after boarding

Our Bus Routes

Our Transport Fare

Transport Rules

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