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Guiding Your Child's Journey – Essentials for Parents

Your partnership as guardians is invaluable in shaping the citizens of tomorrow. Together, through consistent cooperation and adherence to our shared guidelines, we can nurture responsible, well-rounded individuals ready to lead the future. Let's join hands in this vital mission for our children's tomorrow.

School Handbook 2023-24: Guidelines for Parents and Guardians

1. We request parents to meticulously review the School Almanac and ensure compliance with the
established school rules and regulations.

2. Please submit the completed and signed Student’s Personal Record form, available as a perforated sheet in the Almanac, to your child’s class teacher.

3. Ensure all sections of the Almanac are thoroughly filled out.

4. Direct any urgent messages to the school’s reception via telephone. We cannot facilitate direct
contact with teachers or students during instructional hours.

5. Confirm that your child carries the necessary textbooks and exercise materials in alignment
with the provided Timetable.

6. Support your child in fostering a well-rounded approach to academics, extracurricular
engagements, and athletic pursuits.

7. Parents are expected to review the school calendar attentively, noting key dates for events and
evaluations, and engage in dialogues about their child’s holistic development during parent-
teacher interactions.

8. Limit the amount of daily pocket money to encourage financial prudence.

9. Instances of disciplinary infractions will result in appropriate and firm disciplinary actions.

10. Adherence to the school uniform code is mandatory, including during Parent-Teacher
Meetings (PTMs). The uniform policy applies to all school appearances.

11. The school dress code prohibits elaborate footwear, jewelry, and unconventional hairstyles.
Skirts should be of knee-length, and girls with long hair should wear it in two braids.

12. The school cannot assume responsibility for lost personal items; students are advised not to
bring valuables to campus.

13. Regular attendance at PTMs is crucial for tracking academic and developmental progress.

14. If your child is unwell, refrain from sending them to school. A written Medical Leave
application is required upon their return.

15. Homework completion is an expectation for all students.

16. Parents are encouraged to regularly review and acknowledge academic reports, test results,
and teachers’ annotations to stay informed of their child’s progress.

17. Independent transportation arrangements made by parents must be secured with verified
drivers, and all safety protocols must be observed.

18. While the school prioritizes student safety and security, it recognizes that certain incidents
may occur outside of its control, especially during off-campus activities.

19. The use of bicycles, scooters, or similar vehicles by students on school premises is strictly

20. The school almanac should accompany students daily to facilitate communication and

21. Tiffin deliveries by parents should be handed to the designated school staff at the gate
without entering the school during instructional times.

22. Distribution of any food or gift items on campus during birthdays is not permitted.

23. The school uniform must be worn at all times, including on students' birthdays.

24. Parents are to collect their children only after the designated school hours conclude.

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