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Celebrating Excellence at Gitanjali Public School

Welcome to the Achievements page of Gitanjali Public School, where we take pride in showcasing the remarkable accomplishments of our students across both the Foundation/Junior and Senior sections. At Gitanjali, we believe in nurturing not just academic brilliance, but also holistic development, and our students' achievements stand as a testament to our commitment. From academic milestones to sports triumphs, cultural accolades to community service recognition, our school has consistently fostered an environment that encourages excellence in every sphere. Explore this space to witness the inspiring journey of our students and the collective success of the Gitanjali community.

CBSE Far East Zone Boxing Tournament 

John Mahara, a dedicated and spirited student of Class 10 (Batch 2023-24) from our esteemed institution, has showcased exceptional prowess and determination by securing the 2nd position in the prestigious CBSE Far East Zone Boxing Tournament at Purv International School, Durgapur. His journey to the podium was marked by relentless training, strategic finesse, and an indomitable will, reflecting the core values of resilience and excellence that our school instills in its students. This notable achievement not only brings honor to John but also serves as an inspiration to his peers, proving that with hard work and passion, every challenge can be met and every dream can be achieved. We are immensely proud of John's accomplishment and look forward to his future triumphs in the world of sports.

UYSF World Yoga Cup 2023

Nisha Pal, a distinguished alumnus of Gitanjali Public School, has soared to new heights by clinching the first position at the UYSF World Yoga Cup 2023. Her exceptional performance, a blend of grace, strength, and unwavering focus, is a testament to her dedication and the rigorous training she has undergone. This achievement not only adds a prestigious feather to her cap but also brings immense pride to her alma mater. Nisha continues to inspire many, embodying the true spirit of yoga as a unifying and uplifting force.

 36th International Rank in the prestigious National Science Olympiad (NSO)

Anamitra Dandapath, a bright and inquisitive student of our school, has achieved an outstanding 36th International Rank in the prestigious National Science Olympiad (NSO) conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF). This remarkable feat is a testament to Anamitra's dedication, intellectual curiosity, and strong grasp of scientific concepts. The international acclaim of this rank highlights not only Anamitra's potential as a budding scientist but also the conducive learning environment and quality education provided by our institution. We applaud Anamitra's hard work and commitment to academic excellence and are thrilled to celebrate this significant milestone in his educational journey.

Bronze at the CBSE Cluster level

Heartiest congratulations to the valiant Female Kabaddi Team of Gitanjali

Public School for securing the bronze medal in the prestigious CBSE Cluster competition! Your

unwavering determination and exemplary teamwork have not only earned you a spot on the

podium but have also ignited inspiration within the heart of every student. You have shown that

with perseverance and unity, achieving greatness is within our grasp. Here's to our champions,

who have proven that they are not just participants but formidable forces in the world of sports.

Well done on your triumphant victory and for raising the banner of Gitanjali Public School high!

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